Losing part of your Pack is like Losing a Limb
The Bite is a Gift
Always Okay

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Open {Jackson}


"Yeah Lydia has a mean arm when she’s pissed. Danny I’m sure will be a bit… gentler is the word?" Isaac thought and sighed as he couldnt think about it. "But yeah, he probably won’t slap you and he’ll probably be a bit more understanding."

"Danny always was a little more calm when I was a dick. He’ll probably be mad for a little bit and say he needs space and then come back and say he missed me," Jackson said, shrugging.

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Open {Jackson}


Isaac blushed and turned back around so his back was against Jackson. He was not going to go there with the other. “Have you seen Lydia since you’ve been back? Or Danny?”

"My face still hurts from where Lydia slapped me," he grumbled, running a hand over his cheek. "And I havent seen Danny yet. I want to, though."

{Stiles} Open Text - Random Number


{SMS;Emma}: Stilinski you little shit.

{SMS;Stiles} You love me


"Uh. Definitely not by stealing it from the restraining order, that’s for sure." Except it totally was oops. Quickly he finished getting dressed, watching Jackson out of the corner of his eye. 

Jackson quirked an eyebrow. “Stilinski, you little shit,” he said, but his face trying to restrain a grin. Jackson pulled on the last of his clothing and looked at Stiles. “I see you staring.”

Open {Scott}


"How are you so sure of this?" Kira asked softly.

"It always works out."

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hi! I'd just liked to say that I really love your portrayal of all the teen wolf characters that you are RPing and was just wondering if you wouldn't mind your Erica having a twin sister?


If you come off anon, we could discuss it

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Beautiful, strong, mine


Iris grinned a little and spread her legs a little further. “Hm.”

Erica smirked, reaching the top of her pants and dipping her fingers into them.

Open {Jackson}


"Hey I’m pretty too, in my own way." He smirked and turned a bit so he was facing the other. He didn’t realize how close they were until Jackson’s lips nearly met his own, making him back away a little.

"Okay, maybe you are," he smiled. As Isaac turned he realized just how close they really were, his lips ghosting over Isaac’s.